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 Blackaddar M Patrick   AAA 41342 D 
Born: 01.12.1988 
Breed: AY
EU-Identification: FI000006022727-6
Animal ID : 6022727
Int.ID: CAN000000769262
Imported (VG)

Sire:B. Isle Milkman A  41341 D
PGS:St O Classic  A  41451 D
PGD:B-addarMilkmaid 1237539A
Dam:B Patience  1090853A
MGS:S G Jewel  A  39232 D

 NTM: -3706.09.2022
Production 75 <XXXXXXXX|_________
Milk-kg 78 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   1st lact. 79 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   2nd lact. 75 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   3rd lact. 78 <XXXXXXXX|_________
Fat-% 99 ________X|_________
   1st lact. 99 ________X|_________
   2nd lact. 100
   3rd lact. 100
Fat-kg 76 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   1st lact. 75 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   2nd lact. 74 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   3rd lact. 78 <XXXXXXXX|_________
Prot.-% 103 _________|XX_______
   1st lact. 104 _________|XX_______
   2nd lact. 102 _________|X________
   3rd lact. 102 _________|X________
Prot.kg 76 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   1st lact. 76 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   2nd lact. 72 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   3rd lact. 77 <XXXXXXXX|_________
Persistency 82 non-pers. _XXXXXXXX|_________ persistant
Fertility 80 _XXXXXXXX|_________
ICF 7 <XXXXXXXX|_________
IFL (heifers) 78 <XXXXXXXX|_________
IFL (cows) 8 <XXXXXXXX|_________
AIS (heifers) 79 <XXXXXXXX|_________
AIS (cows) 92 _____XXXX|_________
Conseption rate (heifers)  
Conseption rate (cows)  
Birth 89 ____XXXXX|_________
Calving 87 ___XXXXXX|_________
Still birth sire 87 ___XXXXXX|_________
Still birth mgs 99 ________X|_________
Calving ease (sire) 93 ______XXX|_________
Calving ease (mgs) 86 ___XXXXXX|_________
NRR (male fertility, not NAV val.)  
Slaughter weight  
Carcass class  
Fat class  
Udder health 109 _________|XXXX_____
   1st lact. (-15 - 50 d from calving) 102 _________|X________
   1st lact. (51 - 300 d from calving) 110 _________|XXXX_____
   2st lact. (-15 - 150 d from calving) 110 _________|XXXX_____
   3st lact. (-15 - 150 d from calving) 108 _________|XXXX_____
Cell count 107 _________|XXX______
   1st lact. 105 _________|XX_______
   2nd lact. 104 _________|XX_______
   3rd lact. 109 _________|XXXX_____
Milkability 83 __XXXXXXX|_________
Other treatments 80 _XXXXXXXX|_________
   Early reproductive disorders 79 <XXXXXXXX|_________
   Late reproductive disorders 86 ___XXXXXX|_________
   Metabolic diseases 87 ___XXXXXX|_________
   Feet and leg problems 97 _______XX|_________
Temperament 92 _____XXXX|_________
Longevity 84 bad __XXXXXXX|_________ good
Youngstock survival 106 _________|XXX______
Early period (heifers) 102 _________|X________
Late period (heifers) 104 _________|XX_______
Early period (young bulls) 104 _________|XX_______
Late period (young bulls) 108 _________|XXXX_____
Saved feed 98 bad ________X|_________ good
Maintenance efficiency 98 ________X|_________
Metabolic efficiency  
Conformation 80___90__100__110__120 
Frame 115   _________|XXXXXX___  
Stature   short tall
Angularity   coarse angular
Chest width   narrow wide
Body depth   shallow deep
Topline   very weak upwards
Rump angle   high pins low pins
Rump width   narrow pins wide pins
Feet & Legs 105 _________|XX_______
Rear legs rear view   toes out parallel, bow-legged
HockQuality   filled dry
BoneQuality   coarse fine and thin
Rear legs side view   straight sickled
Foot angle   low steep
Hoof angle   low steep
Udder conformation 106 _________|XXX______
Fore udder attachment   loose strong
Fore teat length   short (30 mm) long (70 mm)
TeatThickness   thin (15 mm) thick (31 mm)
Udder balance   deep rear udder deep front udder
Rear udder height   low high
Rear attachment width   narrow wide
Central ligament   weak strong
Udder depth   deep high
Rear teat placement   wide close
Fore teat placement   wide close
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