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 Jokiniemen Aatos  S 14640 DTranslation of breeding values to phenotypic values
Born: 15.04.2008 Nurmes
Breeder: Kortelainen Sonja ja Timo
Color: LSK
Breed: LSK
EU-Identification: FI000009611289-2
Animal ID : 9611289
Int.ID: FIN000000014640

Sire:R.Urmy S 14340 D
PGS:V.Etto  SSS 13707 D
PGD:Palaka  0306527SSS
Dam:USA 0308288S
MGS:T. Ropsi SSS 14251 B
MGD:Nipsu  50-0305720S3
MGGS: N.Jere  SSS 13745 C

 Total merit index: 104.06.2024
Production 93 ______XXX|_________
Milk-kg 93 ______XXX|_________
Fat-% 90 _____XXXX|_________
Fat-kg 89 ____XXXXX|_________
Prot.-% 105 _________|XX_______
Prot.kg 95 _______XX|_________
Persistency 102 non-pers. _________|X________ persistant
Fertility 103 _________|XX_______
Birth 116 _________|XXXXXXX__
Calving 91 _____XXXX|_________
Still birth sire 115 _________|XXXXXX___
Still birth mgs 87 ___XXXXXX|_________
Calving ease (sire) 119 _________|XXXXXXXX_
Calving ease (mgs) 102 _________|X________
NRR (male fertility, not NAV val.)  
Growth 102 _________|X________
Udder health 108 _________|XXXX_____
Cell count 112 _________|XXXXX____
Milkability 101 _________|X________
Leakage 106 _________|XXX______
Other treatments 108 _________|XXXX_____
Temperament 98 ________X|_________
Longevity 102 bad _________|X________ good
Youngstock survival 92 _____XXXX|_________
Saved feed 92 bad _____XXXX|_________ good
Conformation 80___90__100__110__120 
Frame 93   ______XXX|_________  
Stature 94 short ______XXX|_________ tall
Angularity 97 coarse _______XX|_________ angular
Chest width 113 narrow _________|XXXXXX___ wide
Body depth 102 shallow _________|X________ deep
Topline 112 very weak _________|XXXXX____ upwards
Rump angle 98 high pins ________X|_________ low pins
Rump width 99 narrow pins ________X|_________ wide pins
Feet & Legs 104 bad _________|XX_______ good
Rear legs rear view 109 toes out _________|XXXX_____ parallel, bow-legged
HockQuality 103 filled _________|XX_______ dry
BoneQuality 101 coarse _________|X________ fine and thin
Rear legs side view 104 straight _________|XX_______ sickled
Foot angle   low steep
Hoof angle 98 low ________X|_________ steep
Udder conformation 109 _________|XXXX_____
Fore udder attachment 116 loose _________|XXXXXXX__ strong
Fore teat length 97 short (30 mm) _______XX|_________ long (70 mm)
TeatThickness 93 thin (15 mm) ______XXX|_________ thick (31 mm)
Udder balance 101 deep rear udder _________|X________ deep front udder
Rear udder height 92 low _____XXXX|_________ high
Rear attachment width 93 narrow ______XXX|_________ wide
Central ligament 114 weak _________|XXXXXX___ strong
Udder depth 105 deep _________|XX_______ high
Rear teat placement 112 wide _________|XXXXX____ close
Fore teat placement 110 wide _________|XXXX_____ close
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